Performing Women / Performing Gender in the Age of Shakespeare and Beyond
Washington (USA, 17-20 avril 2019), avant le 15 septembre 2018

Please consider enrolling in the seminar on women, gender and performance Melinda Gough is organizing for the 2019 Shakespeare Association of America (SAA) meeting.

The conference will take place April 17-20, 2019 in Washington DC, and seminar registration closes on September 15.

Seminar 28: Performing Women / Performing Gender in the Age of Shakespeare and Beyond

What new questions are generated about gender in plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries once we take seriously the documentary evidence now available concerning early modern women’s performance history? How can knowledge of women’s performance in Italy, Spain, France, and northern Europe, and of encounters between continental mixed-gender and all-male English companies
through travel or contact at court, change how we approach these plays as students and teachers, literary critics, editors, and/or theater practitioners?

Do not feel that you need to have ‘mastered’ our topic in order to participate; depending on participant interests, I am very open to offering this as more of a workshop than a formal session with pre circulated papers.

Please feel free to email Melinda Gough directly at with any questions.

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