Early Modern Women and Transnational Salons, Circles, and Academies
Toronto (17-19 Mars), avant le 16 juillet 2018

2019 RSA 
During the past decade, increased scholarly attention has been given to early modern women’s participation in cultural production through groups—salons, literary circles, scientific and philosophical circles and academies, religious circles, and correspondence and patronage networks. Panelists are invited to consider the following:

-Salons, circles, academies, and networks enabling women to participate in cultural production—literary, scientific, philosophical, religious, and/or political

-the sociopolitical conditions/strictures in such groups

-Participation in such groups across borders

Please send an abstract and brief CV by Monday, July 16, to Anne Larsen at alarsen@hope.edu; Julie Campbell at jdcampbell@eiu.edu; and Diana Robin at diana.robin@rcn.com.