Early Modern Women An Interdisciplinary Journal

Invites submissions of articles on the topic of women and gender in the early modern period, 1400-1750. The Journal has now established an award of $1000 for the best article in each issue:
The Forumfor Volume 9 will focus on women as patrons and curators.

Topics to be considered may include: women as collectors or patrons of art, music, and literature; women as patrons of social and religious institutions; women as preservers of curiosities and cultural artifacts. Proposals for other topics are welcome.

Please contact the editors at emwj@miami.edu if you are interested in proposing a topic.

Anne J. Cruz, Professor of Spanishajcruz@miami.edu
Mary Lindemann, Professor of History mlindemann@miami.edu
Mihoko Suzuki, Professor of Englishmsuzuki@miami.edu
Center for the Humanities
University of Miami
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To subscribe to the journal, send an email to: gentrup@asu.edu