Parution de notre adhérente Nancy Frelick
Subject/Object and Beyond : Women in Early Modern France

Dir. Nancy M. Frelick & Edith Benkov

New York / Toronto, Iter Press, 2023, 427 p., 67€95

Essays in Honour of Colette H. Winn

A collection of essays on early modern women from a collection of leading figures in the field.

Subject/Object and Beyond brings together essays by established and emerging scholars to honor the exceptionally rich contributions and career of scholar Colette H. Winn. It also celebrates fifty years of sustained scholarship on early modern women, along with the foundation of Women’s Studies as a recognized academic discipline in North America. The collection comprises seventeen articles that explore multiple perspectives on early modern women, including their writings, translations, reception, and contributions to various fields, including literature, music, politics, religion, and science.