Women’s autobiographical writings and correspondence

In the past two decades, many societies in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe have experienced an increase in the writing, publication, and scholarly analysis of autobiographical works by women. But these works have not been available to a broad international audience. Volume 7 of Aspasia will focus on the autobiographical writings of women in CESEE, including their diaries, memoirs and correspondence. We seek original research based on such sources, analyzed in the context of the social, political and cultural histories of the region. We particularly encourage reflection on methodological and comparative issues. What barriers and incentives have women faced in recording their stories’ How have these changed over time? Which women were able to write such texts, and how or where have their texts or correspondence been preserved’ How have political realities affected the shape and reliability of women’s self- representations’ How do women’s autobiographical writings compare across cultures, across time, and across different historical contexts’
In addition to the specific theme of women’s autobiographical writings, we welcome submissions about all topics related to women’s and gender history in CESEE on an on-going basis.
Submissions of up to 8,000 words (including notes) can be sent to Melissa Feinberg (Acting Editor-in-Chief for Aspasia 7) at mfeinberg@history.rutgers.edu or to Francisca de Haan at dehaanf@ceu.hu.
For more information, please write to one of the editors or visit http://journals.berghahnbooks.com/asp/, where you can also download the Aspasia Guidelines for Authors.