The Networks of Non-Elite Women in Early Modern Societies
Ouvrage collectif, avant le 31 octobre 2019

At RSA 2019 we presented a successful pair of panels on the networks of non-elite women in early modern societies. We are now developing an edited collection on this topic with a broad scope in space (global) and time (ca. 1400-1750). We are interested in the wide variety of networks which non-elite women built and used, especially but not only those with other women. Our aim is to elaborate understandings of the lives of working, poor, and marginalized women in early modern societies and to compare cross-culturally. Themes might include: relationships between peers or across social categories, such as mistress and servant; meanings of friendship among plebeian women; the role of gender in female same-sex relationships; emotions, especially empathy and compassion; instrumentality and collaboration; and coping strategies, including the illegal. Representations drawn from archival sources, visual imagery, and literary texts are welcome.

If you are interested in contributing, please send a title, 150-word abstract, and one-page CV to Marlee Couling at by October 31st, 2019.