Society for Early Modern Women Sessions for RSA
Washington (22-24 mars)

The Society for Early Modern Women extends sponsorship for up to five sessions at the annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America. Sponsorship signifies that sessions pre-approved by the SSEMW are accepted for the RSA annual meeting.
Session organizers whose panel focuses on women or female gender/sexuality in the early modern period are invited to submit an abstract describing the objective of their session, the names of speakers (with institutional affiliation), and the titles and draft abstracts of the papers to be read.
Scholars wishing to submit proposals for individual papers to be combined into a new panel are encouraged to do so. Papers may be read in English (preferred language), French, Italian, or Spanish.
Due date: 20th May 2011 to
The SSEMW does not at the moment require that people giving papers in sponsored sessions be members of the Society.
Responsable : Sara Matthews-Grieco