Rethinking Methodologies for Early Modern Women’s Studies

EMW: Early Modern Women, An Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 13.1 (Fall, 2018) will feature a forum on “Rethinking Methodologies for Early Modern Women’s Studies”

Please send abstracts of 350 words to the editors by September 30. Completed essays of 3000-3500 words will be due on January 30, 2018.

Recent collections such as Mapping Gendered Routes and Spaces in the Early Modern World (2015), ed. Merry Wiesner-Hanks, and Rethinking Feminism in Early Modern Studies: Gender, Race, and Sexuality (2016), eds. Ania Loomba and Melissa Sanchez, have drawn attention to innovative work on early modern women across the globe in relation to critical race, postcolonial, and queer theories. The essays in these collections are grounded in historical and literary analyses, which have usefully informed the field and invite us to consider further how we study early modern women. To extend the scope of early modern studies regarding women, we seek essays for this forum that grapple with new methodologies, including but not limited to digital humanities, collaborative scholarship, book history, and visual rhetoric. We invite submissions in which authors either apply these methodologies or offer metacritical reflections on them and address the theoretical questions they raise for early modern women’s studies as a field as it continues to expand its boundaries.

Please contact the editors at if you are interested in proposing a topic.


  • Bernadette Andrea, Professor of English                                                            

University of California at Santa Barbara   

  • Allyson Poska, Professor of History

University of Mary Washington                                             

  • Julie D. Campbell, Professor of English

Eastern Illinois University