Masculinities in Sixteenth-Century France?: Proceedings of the Eighth

Philip FORD et Paul WHITE (dir.)

Cambridge French Renaissance Colloquium (5-7 juillet 2003), Cambridge, Cambridge French Colloquia, 2006, 30 euros

Tables des matières :

– Gary FERGUSON, A Prototype of the Modern Man: Saint Joseph in France, c. 1400–1650

– Kathleen WILSON-CHEVALIER, Feminising the Warrior at Francis I’s Fontainebleau
– Kathryn BANKS, Situating the Masculine: Gender, Identity, and the Cosmos, in Maurice Scève’s Délie, Marsilio Ficino’s De amore, and Leone Ebreo’s
– Cathy YANDELL, Rhetoric and Virility in Ronsard’s Folastries

– T
odd W. REESER, Re-Reading Platonic Sexuality Sceptically in Montaigne’s ‘Apologie de Raimond Sebond’
– John O’BRIEN, Betwixt and Between: Hermaphroditism and Masculinity

– G
uy POIRIER, Masculinité et virilité: récits d’un roi sans enfants
– Marc BIZER, Men are from Mars: Jean de Sponde’s Homeric Heroes and Vision of Just French Leaders

– Gisèle MATHIEU-CASTELLANI, Éros masqué: figures mythiques de l’homosexualité
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