History of sexuality network
Glasgow, Scotland (11-14 April 2012)

The Sexuality Network of the European Social Science History Conference invites papers on the history of sexuality for inclusion in its programme of panels at this bi-annual conference. The ESSHC 2012 will take place in Glasgow, Scotland at Glasgow University.
The ESSHC aims at bringing together scholars interested in explaining historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences. The conference is characterized by a lively exchange in many small groups, rather than by formal plenary sessions. The Sexuality Network of the ESSHC is the one of the leading European arenas for new work on the history of sexuality. We welcome proposals for full panels (3-4 papers) as well as offers of individual papers. Papers and panels on all historical periods are welcome.
Our criteria for inclusion in the programme will be to highlight those panels and papers that display innovation, theoretical rigour, and exciting directions in research into the history of sexuality.
The range of interests covered by the Network are wide and previous gatherings have included work on historical approaches to: sexual activity; sexual identities; heterosexuality; homosexuality; marriage, divorce, and extra-marital sex; celibacy, masturbation; fertility and its technologies; sexual subcultures; geographies of sexuality; oral history; sex and the archives; sex work; sexually transmitted disease; HIV/AIDS and sexuality in historical perspective; cultural representations of sexuality; medicalization of sexualities; legal regulation of sexuality; sexual violence; globalization and sexuality; historiographical approaches to sexuality; Marxist, queer and feminist historiographies.
All proposers of papers (and all panel participants) must pre-register at the conference website in order for their offers to be considered: http://www.iisg.nl/esshc/
Information about the conference fees and conditions are also available at this site.
The deadline for paper and panel proposals is 1 May 2011. You (and all panel participants if applicable) must also pre-register by this date.
Contacts for further information about the Sexuality Network:
Elise Chenier, echenier@gmail.com
Julie Gammon, j.gammon@soton.ac.uk
Jens Rydström, jens.rydstrom@genus.lu.se