A forum on Early Modern Women’s Dis/Abilities
Forum en ligne (2020), avant le 1er oct. 2019

Early Modern Women, an Interdisciplinary Journal (Arizona State University)

In this forum, which will appear in Fall 2020, we hope to explore the gendered construction of ability and disability, broadly defined, including historically embodied experiences, literary productions, material culture, and artistic representations. We are particularly interested in contributions that explore the gendered experience and representation of women’s non-normative bodies and minds.

We are not interested in institutional or systemic disability, including economic, social, legal or educational disabilities, except as they pertain to the above discussions.

We are requesting completed essays of 3500 words including footnotes by October 1. Decisions about publication, including requests to revise, will be made soon after this deadline. We would appreciate a brief notice of intention to contribute to the editors emwj@umw.edu prior to your submission.

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