The Spectatrix in Early Modern Art
New York (11-14 fev. 2015)

Session Chair: Maria Maurer, University of Tulsa

Our awareness and consideration of early modern female patrons and artists has expanded exponentially in the past few decades. Yet, with a few notable exceptions, many canonical works are still presumed to be made by men for men, and female viewership is rarely considered outside the realms of direct patronage or production, marriage, or domesticity. Despite recent contributions to the study of early modern gender, « the viewer » in art historical scholarship is still male. This panel seeks to examine the role of the spectatrix in early modern art. Themes might include female responses to the nude (male or female), women as viewers of erotic art, the female artist’s relationship with her models or sitters, female spectators of art commissioned by men, or women’s interactions with civic artworks. How can thinking about women as viewers allow us to locate women at the center of early modern artistic production and consumption’

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