2012 MLA convention
Seattle (5-8 janvier 2012)

As you may know, the Modern Language Association (MLA) is the largest organization of scholars of literature in North America. Founded in 1883, it currently has more than 30,000 members from over 100 different countries. The MLA functions as the intellectual hub for the study of literature and engages in advocacy for scholarly issues. Through its Job Information List, it provides an overview of employment possibilities, and its annual convention allows scholars from around the world to present new developments in their research.
I write to invite you to join me at the 2012 MLA Annual Convention, which will take place in Seattle, 5?8 January. I also invite you to consider participating, by presenting a paper, joining a roundtable discussion, or organizing a session. Please note that MLA members residing outside the United States and Canada are eligible to apply for travel funds in the amount of $300 to attend the convention.
To be included in the convention program, search (www.mla.org/cfp_search) or browse (www.mla.org/cfp_browse) the calls for papers already posted on the MLA Web site. Through 1 March 2011, you may also submit your own call for papers at www.mla.org/cfp_main. As the session organizer, you are responsible for acknowledging all submissions and inquiries regarding your call for papers. We recommend posting a submission deadline of not later than 15 March.
Please keep in mind that a call for papers is not a session proposal but a way to solicit paper submissions for creating a session proposal. Proposal forms for the 2012 convention will be available at www.mla.org/ssp_main in early March. Completed proposal forms must be submitted by 1 April 2011. The MLA Program Committee will determine which session proposals are accepted.
All participants in convention sessions must be MLA members by 7 April 2011, and members should review other guidelines for the MLA convention (www.mla.org/conv_procedures) before responding to or posting calls for papers.
I encourage you to view and respond to the calls for papers or to submit your own. The MLA Annual Convention is an exciting intellectual and professional event. Do consider joining us in Seattle in 2012.
Russell A. Berman
MLA President
Walter A. Haas Professor in the Humanities, Stanford University