Women Writers Project
Internet (printemps 2017), avant le 15 janvier 2017

New Publication and Call for Collaborators
The Women Writers Project has recently published Women Writers in Review (http://wwp.neu.edu/review/) an open-access collection of around 600 reviews, publication notices, and other documents that respond or relate to texts by the authors in Women Writers Online. They are now inviting expressions of interest from potential pedagogical development consultants, who would work with them to create assignments that use WWiR. They are planning to use these pilots to develop a sample set of assignments that they can publish on the WWP’s sites. Collaborators would have their support in developing assignments and activities and would also be named as pedagogical development consultants for the WWP. For more details on this program, please see: http://wwp.neu.edu/research/projects/reception/pedagogical-development.html
They are also inviting responses from those who would like to develop—or who already have!—assignments and activities involving Women Writers Online (http://wwp.neu.edu/wwo) for publication on their site. If you don’t have institutional access to WWO and would like to set up a trial (for either yourself or your institution), please contact them. More details on WWO licensing and trials are here: http://wwp.neu.edu/wwo/license/
If you’re interested in getting involved with this program, please email wwp@neu.edu with a brief expression of interest—just a short paragraph on the teaching you’ll be doing in spring 2017 or fall 2017 and some initial thoughts on how you’d like to use the WWiR or WWO collections. The deadline for submissions will be January 15, 2017.
The WWP has finalized their spring workshop schedule, so if you’d like to learn more about text encoding yourself, please see: http://wwp.neu.edu/about/events.html