La rousse et le roux dans tous leurs états
Ouvrage collectif, avant fin octobre 2017

Trilingual volume edited by Dr Jean Nicolas De Surmont


The volume will include academic contributions, developing a wide variety of approaches and disciplines derived from genetics, demography, dermatology, linguistics, aesthetics, sociology, criminology, anthropology, history and any other approach or discipline highlighting one or other aspect of the red colour and red-headed people. In particular, the collective volume will seek to bring together contributions by historians showing presence, absence or discriminations in monarchies and governments towards the redheads, hate or valorisation of redheads in antiquity or among ethnic groups, the presence of redheads in fashion, in advertising campaigns, the problems redheaded children and adolescents face in school (harassment, bullying at school), possible discrimination at the outset or in the course of employment, psychological perception of the red by redheads and by society at large, demographic distribution of redheads in the world, dermatological problems, the beauty of freckles among other specificities of redheaded people, fear or sexual attractions of redheads, the colour of red in hairstyles (for instance, a study of different types of blonds and redheads), a biographic study of a red-headed personality, semantic study of words related to freckles and red-heads, the presence of redheads in religious history and certain theogonies and myth cycles, rumours and beliefs related to redheads. The volume will also include anonymous or signed testimonies of redheads and their close associates, irrespective of the nature of the testimony and the person’s profile. In all cases, the contributions will focus on men as well as women in order to compensate for the lack of the male gender in certain domains (for instance, the hairstyle, the aesthetics (a study of the chromatic range of redness from the Venetian blond to the copper), the fashion, etc.). Although the volume is envisaged as an academic work, it is intended as a reference work dedicated to this minority in the world; the volume could also be useful for teachers, to enhance their understanding of redheads. We accept contributions in English, Spanish and French. A participation proposal of approximately 300-500 words is due by October 2017. There is no minimum word limit for testimonies. The maximum length of contributions is 4,000-8,000 words (10-25 pages with double spacing including notes but excluding the bibliography and appendices), in preference in Microsoft Word format.