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Entry by Aurore Evain, 2003

The name of Gaillarde, wife of the troupe director Antoine L'Esperonnière, appeared in a contract signed between the latter and actress Marie Ferré in Bourges in 1545. It states that ‘if [Marie Ferré] is given some clothes or money’, ‘Gaillarde, wife to the aforementioned Esperonnière will be given some too, and will take half of her share’. We can conclude that Gaillarde was also an actress, since married actors or itinerant acrobats were common at the time.

(Translated by Martine Sauret)

Selected bibliography

- Boyer, Henri. "Engagement d'une actrice au théâtre de Bourges en 1545". Mémoires de la société historique du Cher, Bourges, 1888.

Spouses Antoine de L'Esperonnière
Birth date After 1500
Death Before 1600
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