Withdrawal Agreement Environment

However, further questions will be asked about how this commitment at the UK level will be implemented in areas of decentralised responsibility. The protocol provides for an independent « entity or institution » instead of requiring a single agency in the United Kingdom, but sets certain limits on what should be made available in the United Kingdom. The UK`s bill of the European Union (Scotland) – if it survives the Supreme Court – obliges the Scottish Government to discuss an « effective and appropriate environmental policy », including compliance with the law. The need for the United Kingdom to comply with the terms of the withdrawal agreement seems to define certain parameters of what can be proposed if the requirements of the protocol are requested to be met throughout the United Kingdom. While not largely unwelcome, they would be another example of how the UK`s responsibility for foreign affairs, including relations with the EU, can overlap with decentralised responsibility in many cases. Even at the end of the transition period, ec ECJ decisions prior to Brexit remain binding on British courts, although the Supreme Court may depart from ECJ decisions on the same possible basis of its previous precedent (the same applies to the High Court of Justiciary in Scotland, where it is the last Court of Appeal). Footnote 6 ActFootnote 7 added the possibility for other courts to overturn ECJ decisions, footnote 8, but this was strongly criticized; Footnote 9 If other jurisdictions could re-examine an issue settled by the Court of Justice, much of the law would be uncertain given the importance of EU environmental law on the basis of judicial decisions (for example. B the application of the precautionary principle in the protection of special protected areas). In addition, it is expected that « the United Kingdom will establish a transparent system of internal oversight, reporting, supervision and effective enforcement of its obligations through an independent and sufficiently unmasked body. » This organization will be able to conduct investigations on its own, respond to complaints, request information and do other things necessary for its task, and have the right to take legal action.