Una Collective Agreement Shift Differential

Differences are paid to compensate us for lost time in the family. Most children come home from school with about 1500 hours, so the differences for family time lost should begin. These flashbacks would bring the different sentences back to what they were more than a decade ago and deny us the compensation we earn for family time. Their bargaining team met with the employer on February 27 and 28 to begin negotiations for a new collective agreement. Worse, the employer wants to reduce your work gaps and bonuses. While the AA offers premiums of $2.75 to $2.11, night premiums of $5 to $3.10 and weekend bonuses of $3.25 to $2.55 per hour, Covenant Health is offering us a two-year contract with 2.5% wage adjustments per year to track the increase in the cost of living. Local 046Mary Watson, maynayvatson@hotmail.comLaura Johnstone, johnstone_laura@hotmail.comDerrek Luu (A), derrekluu@yahoo.ca There is a clear difference between the way the employer treats us today compared to the last two rounds of negotiations. We are disappointed that Covenant Health will revoke this disrespectful line from the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services. By submitting these proposals, and more, the Health League has shown that it does not respect the work we do. But we are not going to make concessions.

We will not accept flashbacks. We will continue to fight for a fair agreement that reflects our value and the role we play in providing quality health care to all Albertans. Our next meetings are scheduled for March 23 and 24. Your team is working for you at the negotiating table and we will share further updates with you as negotiations continue. Update your contact information for www.aupe.org/updateinfo so you never miss a negotiation update or other union news. Negotiations begin for CH nc members in premises 040/001, 002, 004-010 and 46/005, 006, 007 The employer has submitted a four-year contract with zero percent wage adjustments for every four years. They want to take the super-statistics and the floating days. You want to reduce your flexible expense accounts from $1,100 to $850.

Some members will even ask for up to 20% salary. We have presented a comprehensive set of proposals that focus on job security and work-life balance, issues that you have identified as a top priority with the results of the negotiation surveys. The employer also submitted a complete package. Unfortunately, they offer huge flashbacks and concessions that show how much they don`t appreciate Covenant`s health care staff. Local 040Kathy Bandmann, kbandmann@hotmail.comAmbrisia Dyson, amerbalog@gmail.comBeverly Hill, bhill3095@gmail.com be strong, support each other and share this information with your colleagues in Covenant NC Health. Health care workers across the province are under attack and we must stick together if we are to persevere. If you have any questions, talk to a member of your negotiating team or AUPE resource staff.