The Four Agreements In The Workplace

New workplace agreements offer a process that integrates personal growth and individual freedom with a system-based management approach that recasts outdated agreements and habits that take self-evident in the workplace. In this book, you are introduced to system theory and learn the five simple chords that produce both joyful collaborators and successful organizations. You`ll also discover a revolutionary idea that focuses on something that is rarely seen, but desperately needed in the modern workplace: love. The ancient Mexican shamanic wisdom that Ruiz studied has the potential to improve our professional life through conscious self-empowerment. Here you`ll find out how to apply the four agreements to success in the workplace. Making assumptions is one of the quickest ways to create misunderstandings and dramas in our professional lives. In most jobs, we waste a lot of time and energy dealing with politics, gossip and problems because we made assumptions that were not true. We should take measures based on good data, whenever possible, and avoid adopting measures, especially those based on fear. It seems obvious, but this agreement is the key to a happy life and a successful career.

It is also important to stick to the other three agreements. It`s easy to get to your failures and judge yourself because they don`t meet certain standards. But if you always do your best, you can always feel good, what you do, whether you set a specific goal or not. To do their best is to worry at every moment about what they are doing, to be fully alive and present. It`s something Ruiz says we can always achieve. The convictions we have carried since childhood create our « self-conversation, » which in turn dictates our behaviour. In other words, we create our own agreements about who we are, our relationship with others and how we work in life. Unfortunately, our own « agreements » generally do not serve us well. In the spiritual principles of Don Miguel Ruiz`s book, The Four Agreements , one of the most popular self-improvement books of all time, it is a question of knowing exactly how to be one of these people.