Shutterstock Contributor Agreement

Does Shutterstock`s production program work for music? If a claim arises because of your violation of your representations in this agreement, you agree to cover Shutterstock for its loss. If a claim arises due to a violation by Shutterstock of its representations in this contract, Shutterstock undertakes to cover you for your loss. The following terms of use (« TOS ») are a legal agreement between you or the employer or any other organization on whose behalf you enter into this agreement (« you » or « customer ») and Shutterstock (as defined in section 25 below) and defines the rights and obligations regarding all content you have authorized. By entering this usage data, make sure your country of residence is the same as your billing address. The authors` recommendation program currently does not cover any music. You can earn more by expelling contributors and customers who identify you as a recommendation. For more information, see the results plan. The use of images and films in the context of news reports, comments, publications or other « editorial » contexts is accompanied by a credit adjacent to Shutterstock and Shutterstock contributors in the following form: I have tried to find the agreement that I believe should be signed with contributors, but I have not yet seen one. And I want to know the terms of the contract on the fact that my photos are in this agency. We buy only the rights to the tracks and pay a substantial fee per track in advance for each line purchased; Contributors do not receive additional payment from sales. As such, music contributors receive guaranteed payments from us, even if their music is never conceded by a Shutterstock customer. Please do not use your account to download your own content or to transfer content to customers.

In addition, you cannot transfer your payment account (z.B PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill) to another Shutterstock contributor. How much do I get paid if I am chosen as a music contributor? Shutterstock contributors have granted Shutterstock all the necessary rights to and from the content in order to grant the rights mentioned in Part I or Part II. Our musical contribution agreement represents a complete transfer of rights in exchange for an advance payment. This means that tracks acquired for Shutterstock cannot be used for their personal or professional projects, nor can they be distributed by the contributor. This is necessary to preserve the exclusivity of our music collection and to ensure the wide range of licensing uses available to Shutterstock`s music customers. remix, mashup or other music change, except that you can participate in the basic edition of the music (for example. B setting start/stop points, determining fade-in/fade-out points, etc.) As part of the exercise of the licence granted under this Agreement; If these conditions change, we will let you know. This agreement is governed by New York law. Where can I learn more about becoming a Shutterstock Music collaborator? You agree that you can legally enter into this agreement and that none of the content you have submitted violates the laws or rights of third parties. `fs`Search-pn-1 By transmitting content to Shutterstock, you agree to all the terms of this Agreement. Onboarding for a music participant is different from the experience of a movie or image contributor at Shutterstock.

We are currently working with a very small number of music contributors, which will allow us to offer more individual support. When they are on board, each music contributor receives an individual representative from the music content team who works with them on producing the best tracks possible for our collection. Do I need to be registered with a performing rights organization to become a contributor? The terms of our music contribution agreement and payment regime are also different from those applicable to other media.