Section 8 Agreement Tfl

1. Subject to the provisions of this point, local motorway authorities [F2 and strategic motorway companies] may enter into agreements with [F3other to these authorities and companies] on or with regard to the construction, reconstruction, transformation, improvement or maintenance of a motorway for which each contracting party is the road traffic authority. 3. If, as part of an agreement reached under this section, each function of road transport authority for a motorway is exercised by another road authority, that other road authority has, for the exercise of that function, the same powers under this law (including the powers of land acquisition on the motorway) that the motorway authority has for this purpose and, in the exercise of that function and powers, they have the same rights and are subject to the same responsibilities as that authority. 5. The costs resulting from an agreed agreement are borne by the parties in the quotas set in the agreement. A Section 278 Agreement is a section of Highway 1980. It allows developers to enter into a legal agreement with the Commission, make modifications and improvements to a public highway as part of a planning request. In most construction areas, it will be necessary to modify the existing public highway. The time required to reach such an agreement should be long and the applicant should take this into account when programming his works. An agreement S278 applies to road works required by public highway development. As a motorway authority, we give permission for all work on the motorway. Work can only begin once the Section 278 agreement has been reached (4) County Council [F4 (other than Wales) ] cannot enter into an agreement under this section with the council of another county [F5or County Borough], unless [F6their county] intertwines [F6their] [F7].

and the council of a metropolitan district cannot enter into an agreement under this section with the council of another metropolitan district or county [F8oder County Borough], unless the districts are located in the same county or adjacent counties, or, if applicable, the county in which the district is located and the other county of Borough, as the case may be, Borough County. 2. With regard to a motorway defined in the agreement for which one of the contracting parties is the road traffic authority, an agreement provided for by this section may provide that all functions listed in the agreement, which can be invoked by the road authority for this agreement, may be exercised by another contracting party under these conditions and, if necessary, under the conditions (if necessary). Management Plan 10: Tracking Wood Supply Analysis: C4S. 8 functions performed simultaneously (3.3.2017) by The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority Order 2017 (S.I. 2017/251), art. 1, b), 9(2) (a) (a) (3) A tree development licence (TFL) is a surface-based operation that grants exclusive rights to harvest timber and manage and conserve forest resources in a specific area. It is a crime to carry out work on a public highway without the consent of the road authority. All unauthorized work carried out on the highway without a competing Section 278 agreement (or any other authorization required for the highway) leads to enforcement action against the developer and contractor.