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Section 288 of the FW Act requires that representatives, when negotiating an enterprise contract, meet the good faith requirements of the negotiations. These requirements include: the discussions that followed this phase of trade union actions are deadlocked and the MUA has asked the FWA for a second PABO contract. Tidewater rejected the granting of a second PABO on the grounds that the MUA had not actually attempted to reach agreement on the proposed alternative operating agreement. Tidewater submitted that the MUA made two misleading statements that undermined the collective bargaining process as follows, contrary to the requirements of the GFB. Employers should be aware that the FWC rejected a Protected Action Vote Order (PABO) in an application to refuse a Protected Warrant of Action (PABO) because the union has not really attempted to negotiate an enterprise agreement and the FWC will take into account the union`s overall conduct during the bargaining process. It appears that evidence of a limited number of isolated cases of inappropriate behaviour may be insufficient, even if this behaviour involves active misrepresentation on the part of the union. The Fair Work Commission (FWC) stressed that when a party to the negotiations « really tries » to reach an agreement, the party`s overall behaviour must be taken into account, not focused on isolated cases. Under the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act), unions and workers can take « legitimate » trade union actions that are protected by law when a protected action vote has taken place in the first place. Under Section 443 (b) of the FW Act, the FWC must assign a warrant to PABO if it is satisfied that the applicant « has really tried and is trying to reach an agreement » with the workers` employer to be elected. Negotiations between Tidewater Marine Australia Pty Ltd (Tidewater) and Maritime Union Australia (MUA) on the terms of a new enterprise agreement began in January 2013. « Affect » vs. « Effect »: use the word just every time the average English, reciprocal promise to comply with an arbitrator`s decision, Anglo-French compromises, Latin compromisesum, castration of compromisesus, to spend the participation of compromittere to promise each other to promise com -promittere – more to promise Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for compromise Union maritime Australia v Tidewater Marine Australia Pty Ltd [2014] FWC 1733 « Epidemic » vs.