Proofpoint Customer Agreement

There is no delay in transferring your Proofpoint Essentials services to Spambrella. With a simple email template that is forwarded to your existing parent partner (to request permission to move), the account can be transferred in a matter of hours. There is absolutely no downtime or impact on the email flow with your partner account or downstream customers during this transition. Please contact the distribution for more information. ThreatSim. The customer can only perform simulated phishing emails to domains belonging to the customer, as stated in the order. The customer may include logos, customer names, users` email addresses and other identifying information (« customer information ») in simulated phishing emails. The customer assures and guarantees that he has the right to broadcast, reproduce, publish, download, and use the customer`s information. Spambrella works with a wide variety of companies, through managed service providers (MSPs), security service providers (MSSp) and license partners of conventional IT resellers. Customers from all continents rely on Spambrella to provide their customers with licensing and support services for Proofpoint Essentials in all industries. Spambrella offers annual, multi-year and monthly billing services, which means you only pay for active users on the service each month. Communication with Spambrella is instantaneous and as soon as you have an account manager, you will be driven through all the experience with large margins and support.

Spambrella offers the Proofpoint Essentials license for MS at a fixed rate per month to simplify licensing processes. You are not required to keep at the minimum of the customer size with spambrella or geographic bureaucracy limits for an organization you want to support on the service. Do I need to set up rules for each client I add? This page contains links to Proofpoint`s licensing terms, service level agreements and Adobe Acrobat PDF-related documents. Documents are opened in a new tab or window. Architecture is the same thing. There is absolutely no delay in updates, support or requests for information using Spambrella as a Proofpoint Essentials distribution partner. Spambrella supports some of Proofpoint`s largest partners and customers worldwide. If necessary, we can grind in Proofpoint to discuss the relationship and the spambrella proofpoint value.

If the end user (« customer ») does not have a written license agreement with Proofpoint for the products in the Proofpoint offer, the issuance of an order for these products by the Customer (either directly to Proofpoint or through an authorized proofpoint partner) is the customer`s agreement that its use of Proofpoint products is exclusively subject to the terms of this Proofpoint customer agreement. , licensing and usage conditions, disclaimers and liability limitations, Proofpoint`s right to suspend or terminate the customer`s subscription for non-payment, and automatic renewal of the subscription.