Personal Services Agreement Fao Salary

Project operations are severely constrained by the incompetence of FAO staff (in national offices and headquarters) in the processing of basic processes. The extent to which project development deadlines and country-specific agreements are not met is completely unacceptable. There is certainly a culture of incompetence and apathy that seems to pervate the entire institution. Staff refer to it internally as being partly open to FAO bureaucracy and it is sad to think that this is considered a « business as usual ». My personal opinion is that with this standardized level of incompetence and neglect, not every institution should be responsible for implementing food security and nutrition projects. Period. Moving expenses Depending on your contract, you can carry your personal items and household items. Basic treatmentThe basic treatment is determined by the post-grade and the existence of dependents. The base salary is expressed in U.S. dollars and is mainly payable in national currency. Job security is not ideal. Although the salary is competitive, since it is a contract-based job, you can essentially be dropped at any time.

Postal adjustmentThe base salary is supplemented by a postal adjustment that varies according to the cost of living in the customs post and the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar. The postal adjustment set by the United Nations as a percentage of the basic salary guarantees civil servants the same purchasing power in each service by stabilizing the monthly salary paid in national currency. Pension PensionIf you have an order of six months or more or if you complete six months without interruption, you will participate in the United Nations Joint Pension Fund. A mandatory contribution is deducted from your monthly salary. For more information on UNJSP, click here. FAO respects the common UN system of wages, allowances and benefits. To view the UN payroll tables in the professional category, click here.

For more information on treatment and allowances, see the united Nations System`s treatment and allowance brochure. Travel expensesIf you are recruited internationally, FAO pays for travel for you and your loved ones from the place of recruitment to your assigned service. Dependants whose travel expenses are due are the spouse and children of the agent, provided they meet certain conditions. The terms of use of the people who act as consultants are directly related to the task defined in the contract.