Unregistered Agreement Of Sale Can Be Used As An Evidence For Collateral Purpose Sc

(c) In an unregregized agreement that relates to the right of participation in certain immovable property as well as a share of a cash compensation, the party is entitled to sue the document in respect of movable property. 2. However, such an unregistered document may be used as evidence of an ancillary object, in accordance with Article 49 of the Law on Registration. . The document came into force with respect to this property against the unregistered document, notwithstanding the provisions of section 6 of Act I of 1868. between the ongoing case and the case before the Supreme Court of Allahabad is that in the former, the unregistered document was executed at a time when the Registration Act of 1871 was in force. whereas, in the current case, the unregistered document was executed when Law XVI of 1864 was applied. But this is a significant difference, because according to the explanation too. 5. .