Sena Settlement Agreement

“Kung wala pa ang SEnA sa DOLE nga maoy hinga nagka-settle mi sa akong kanhi gitrabaho-an, masakit na gyud unta ko sa kaguol (SEnA is the reason I was able to reach an agreement with my former employer),” Kintanar said in a phone interview. Once the facts and rules are understood, the company almost gets a glimpse of what might happen during the SEnA discussion. The settlement position can be adjusted, which can range from a minimum amount of the offer to a generous money proposal. The parties may choose to levy the FRG at the corresponding offices of the division or in the context of a voluntary arbitration procedure if: 1) no agreement is reached within the thirty-day period or 2) if it is found that one of the parties does not comply with the provisions of the agreement concluded. According to SEnA, conciliation mediation is the dispute resolution procedure used by the Single Entry Desk Officer (SEADO) to reach an amicable settlement between the requesting party and the responding party. CEBU CITY, Jan 27 (PIA) — An illegally separated worker, previously linked to a leading cosmetics company, has received a comparative amount of P2 million under the Ministry of Labour and Employment`s Single Approach Programme (SEnA). Unique approach to entry (SEnA). This is a mandatory 30-day mediation to provide a prompt, impartial, inexpensive and accessible resolution of unresolved complaints and complaints relating to employer-worker relations. On March 14, 2013, President Benigno S. Aquino III signed Republic Act No.

10396, which institutionalizes SEnA in our labor dispute decision system. SEnA should also facilitate voluntary compliance by companies with labour laws and standards. Companies that are reluctant to pay and offer the best amount of comparison. However, the negative effect is that the company is referred to as “easy money”. Employees who are accompanied by the experience of such a company can encourage others to take the same “easy money” approach. In short, the participation of abusive workers can set a bad precedent. The Single Entry Approach (SEnA) is an administrative approach aimed at establishing a fast, impartial, inexpensive and accessible resolution procedure for all work problems or conflicts, in order to prevent them from maturing towards real disputes or labour cases. It was first introduced by the department`s Order 107-10, and then institutionalized by the passage in 2013 of Republic Act 10396, which provides for mandatory 30-day conciliation mediation for labour and employment-related issues (i.e. settled by worker-employer relations). . .