Collective Agreement Hospitality

Payment The agreement provides for the dates of verification of payments, but not the amount of increases. The first date of salary increase is 1.2.2021. The collective agreement for hotel, restaurant and leisure workers sets minimum conditions for work in the sector, including remuneration, working allowances, working hours and holidays. The agreement was reached by PAM for workers and by the Finnish hotel association MaRa for employers. Around 75,000 employees in Finland work under collective agreements. There is an obligation to negotiate this subject in the future, no change at the time of the collective agreement. On 6 October 2010, all the social partners signed a collective agreement setting out a mutual obligation for all workers in the sector. Extension by decree of 17 December 2010. It has applied since the beginning of 2011 in all companies and to all employees subject to the national collective agreement for hotels, cafes and restaurants of 30 April 1977.

N.B. Due to exceptional circumstances, the negotiating parties have agreed to temporarily amend the current provisions of the collective agreement. The amendments apply to the reduction of the notice period, the declaration of sick leave, the right to care for a sick child under 10 years of age and a derogation from the deadlines of the Law on Cooperation in Enterprises. Learn more about temporary changes to collective agreements for hotel, restaurant and leisure services.