Dsh Framework Agreement

We don`t know. The master developer is not obliged to estimate the number of jobs that will be created, and the government does not specify most of these jobs that will go to the citizens born in St. Lucia. The real question is what percentage of the labour supply, for national security reasons, the local market does not have an IPC. If we can protect our chicken farmers, why can`t we protect our workers? Unfortunately, the answer is always the same. There is nothing in the framework of an additional agreement that can satisfy the fact that what happened before will not happen again. Yes, the government of St. Lucia will not earn direct income from renting and selling land. They will also indirectly benefit from an expected increase in economic activity and tax collection by jobs created. The master developer, a private party that conducts a commercial project, will strive to maximize their return on investment from our CIP funds. This assertion was clearly expressed in the fact sheet and is in direct contradiction to all previous assertions that it is a joint venture or partnership. In addition, Article 28 of the Framework Agreement expressly states that « nothing in this agreement is intended to establish or subjugate any partnership of any kind between the parties. » « There have been concerns about mangroves, and we have removed the mangroves from the first agreement and the second.

It`s no longer part of it, » McDonald told HTS News Force on Thursday. However, the leaked agreement has raised many eyebrows and sparked public discourse, not least because it is a 99-year lease of land for a dollar. YESIn clause 4.1 of the endorsement, the Master Developer capitalizes « the company » which carries out phase 1 of the development for an amount of no less than 5,000,000 dollars. Article 4.2 of the endorsement also stipulates that funds must not be mobilized more than 60 days before construction. It is important to note that in 4.1 it says only part! the $5,000,000 capitalization will be used as a capital investment for the construction of Phase 1 of the development, provided that no part of the « circuit » is funded by IPC revenues. The only thing I can reasonably infer is that some of the $5,000,000 is directly invested in the construction of the circuit, but there is no indication of how long it will ultimately be. Yes, we think that will be the case. The government of St. Lucia invited the master developer to come up with a plan for what can be done with the George Odlum Stadium, which would improve the educational offer in St. Lucia.

In Clause 11 of the framework agreement indicates that the government of St. Lucia, in partnership with the master developer (note that this is the only time they are considered partners), create a training fund for the equestrian industry. So it would make sense for them to turn George Odlum Stadium into a training centre for the leg industry. Note that this can only happen after St Jude it is open and works. The government had apparently been caught in the act of undercover of the so-called framework agreement long before it intended to make public any of the final conditions or agreements. It is almost certain that calendars of public involvement in City Hall meetings, direct conversations and other types of public awareness would have been provided for a project of this magnitude.