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Entry by Gilbert Schrenck, 2005

Almost nothing is known about Anne de Limur (or Limeulh). She had three children with her first husband Gabriel Gaignard, a tax collector in Saint-Jean d'Angély. She married Jean d'Aubigné sometime between 1552 (the date of the death of his first wife, Catherine de L'Estang, Agrippa d'Aubigné's mother) and 1554. On this occasion, Jean d'Aubigné assumed the title of Lord of Brie, devolving from his new wife's property in the parish of Archiac (France protestante, 2 ed., 1877, t.I, p.545). The couple had one son whom d'Aubigné calls "captain d'Aubigné, my younger brother" in his Histoire Universelle, and who would hence have participated in the siege of Montaigu in 1580 (A Thierry ed., Genève, Droz, 1992, t.VI, p.75, where he is named Jean).

Anne de Limur seems to have rejected the son of her husband's first marriage, and even induced Jean d'Aubigné to do likewise. In any case, this is what the future writer would bitterly recount, regretting having been "nourished in childhood away from my father's house, because she was irritated by both the cost and the overly exquisite food that father served" (Sa vie à ses enfants, Gilbert Schrenck ed., Paris, STFM, 1986, p.50). The date of her death is unknown.

(translated by Michelle Sommers)

Anne de Limur
Spouses Gabriel Gaignard
Jean d'Aubigné
Also known as Anne de Limeulh
Birth date After 1500
Death Before 1600
Biographical entries in old dictionaries
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