Bpcl Land Lease Agreement

The petitioner`s grandfather did not renew the lease after 1983. The lease was then renewed for a period of 20 years for a very low rent of 135 per quarter. Judge Mr. Sathyanarayanan ordered BPCL to transfer ownership of the premises to the petitioners within one month of the date of receipt of his order and to pay the rent arrears paid with interest of 12 per cent per year until the full and final liquidation. While most pumps are operated by contractors on land they lease, there are thousands of outlets operated directly by businesses on land leased directly by them. « Furthermore, a second rent is not allowed. In view of the above, Bharat Petroleum Corporati cannot continue its activities on the spot, in the absence of renewal of the explosive licence. Pradhan said companies are still trying to re-lease with the owner at a higher rate to offset the growing value of the land. If this is not possible, they are also willing to buy the land from the owner. « This is a pitiful case in which the company, a huge public sector company, pushed the owners of the columned pillar land to enter possession of the land by not even paying the legal rent they have to pay, » Justice Subbiah said in his order, arguing that BPCL could not be recognized as a legitimate and legitimate tenant.

In some cases, the land and over-construction (built by the dealer) are leased by the selected candidate. BPCL will pay the rents as agreed and the same amount will be recovered by the dealer an additional fee. In this case, the licence fee that may be licensed is recovered at the lowest rate, which is currently 18 Rs per KL for gasoline and 16 Rs per KL for diesel. Upon receipt of the application, applicants are divided into two groups according to the following groups, based on the area 4 they offer. Challenged by this response from the CPIO, the complainant lodged an appeal of 01.03.2013 with the appeals authority, which was decided by decision of the appeals authority of 10.04.2013. By this order, the appeal authority gave the applicant a one-time response/information. However, he denied certain information, i.e. the telephone numbers of distributors (No.

1 and 13 of the RTI application) covered by Section 8, paragraph 1, point j), notwithstanding the obligations under this Act, giving a citizen, information relating to personal data, the disclosure of which is not related to a public activity or public interest or which would constitute an unjustified violation of the individual`s privacy, unless the Central Public Information Officer or the Appeal Authority are satisfied that the greatest public interest justifies the disclosure of such information: provided that information that cannot be denied to Parliament or state law cannot be denied.