Aramark Collective Agreement

Three meetings are held online and members can participate in one of them. The meetings will take place: 12:00-14:00, 17:00-19:00 and 22:00-12:00. Anyone attending a meeting will then receive a link through which they can vote online in favour of the interim agreement. There is a big contrast between a for-profit company like Aramark and employees at the University of Toronto. When, after the end of its contract with Aramark, the university « hired » catering on the St. George`s campus, they were employed by UofT and were covered by cupe Local 3261`s collective agreement. Their salaries and social benefits have increased dramatically. For example, a full-time cashier received 12 $US an hour at Aramark, but rose to 19.69 $US when he was employed directly by UofT. While CUPE National advises us to order food at events to promote participation and kindness of membership, we cannot distribute gifts to members who use union dues. The main purpose of union tariffs is to advance our union work: to improve our working conditions and lives and to ensure that the employer respects our rights in the workplace.

Responsibility in the chapter may be less than one size fits all. Collective agreements define the conditions of employment and conditions of unionized workers and the rights, privileges and obligations of the union, the employer and the workers. For the « most important » bargaining unit – full-time and part-time members in St. There are unions that actively represent workers and have fought in the past for strong tariffs. It`s Cupe. Then there are the unions that sign 10-year contracts and agree on employer-friendly provisions while leaving workers in the mud. Cleaners on the St. George campus deserve strong union protection, and meeting a union`s minimum requirements does not mean that workers are represented or properly represented. We ask the university to show us their collective agreement and we can convince ourselves what kind of provisions they have.

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