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The value of the data set written with the FDA resulting from the pre-sub cannot be underestimated. Indeed, to formally document unwritten returns, the FDA « is responsible for developing draft minutes for a pre-submission meeting or conference call and forwards draft minutes by email to the FDA within 15 calendar days of the meeting. » If the FDA finds discrepancies, they will provide the applicant with the minutes of the draft minutes. The minutes will be 15 calendar days after receiving FDA treatments in the final minutes. [10] Regardless of the specific scope or demand, CEO is made up of specialized consultants who can help you define your FDA requirements for submitting medical devices. It is best to contact us in advance for pre-sub requests or FDA meetings. Experience has taught us that rigorous preparation and strategic regulatory planning, combined with collaboration with the FDA, yields the best results for bringing a medical device to market earlier and keeping it on the market. The purpose of this guide is to discuss how combined product sponsors can get feedback from the FDA on scientific and regulatory issues, and to describe best practices for the FDA and sponsors when interacting on these topics. These interactions can be done through enforcement mechanisms (usually the most effective and effective approach), such as. B the pre-submission procedure used in cdRH and CBER and the formal meetings used in the CDER and CBER or, if necessary, by combined product agreement meetings (CPAMs). Pre-sub-program is useful for a variety of regulatory strategies, but with regard to medical devices, it is especially useful for those who have 1) have no clear regulatory pathway, 2) use a new technology, or 3) have indications for use that they describe as « first of a type » of device.

[5] Although not necessary, the net result of a pre-sub is targeted, back written by the FDA. Compliance with these returns is of great value in terms of quality and compliance and for devices that may need more information to ensure an FDA-approved bid for the bid. In short, early returns from the FDA tend to ensure better quality data for inclusion in the FDA`s actual filing. However, pre-subs must be done prior to the development of documents or equipment studies and it is important to consider pre-sub delivery times (75-90 days for meetings or conference calls, 21 days for urgent public health issues).) [6] We publish these guidelines in line with the Agency`s ongoing commitment to increase clarity and transparency regarding regulatory considerations for combined products. and in accordance with the mandate of Section 503 (g) (8) (C) (vi) of the FD-C Act (21 USC 353 (g) (8) (C) (vi) added by Section 3038 of the Cures Act. Section 503 (g) (8) (C) (C) (vi) of the FDA imposes a final guide on: (1) the structured process of managing interactions with sponsors developing combined products; (2) Best practices for ensuring FDA feedback during these pre-submission interactions are the Agency`s best consultation based on the information provided during these pre-submission interactions. and (3) how CPAMs are related to other types of FDA meetings, what information should be passed on to a CPAM, and what form and content of agreements made through a CPAM is.