Advance Change Adjustment Agreement Clause

There is every reason to believe that there are similar benefits for construction and service contracts that, like loan contracts, cover many months or years. 43.301 Use of forms. (a) 1. Form 30 (SF 30), an amendment to the invitation/modification of the contract, is used (with the exception of options covered in point 43.301,a) (2) or measures dealt with in Part 15 to (i) any change to an appeal; (ii) change orders issued pursuant to the treaty amendment clause; (iii) any other unilateral modification of the contract granted under a contract clause authorizing such an amendment without the contractor`s consent; (iv) administrative changes such as correction of typographical errors, changes to the paying body, and changes to accounting and appropriation data; v) complementary agreements (see 43.103); and vi) the removal, reinstatement or addition of credits to a contract. 2. SF 30 can be used to – (i) changes that change the price of oil purchase contracts as a result of economic price adjustments; (ii) notifications of termination; and (iii) order changes in accordance with point 13.302-3. 3. (3) If a change results in a price change, the estimated amount of the price change is not indicated on the copies of SF 30 that are referred to the subcontractor. b) Optional Form 336 (OF 336), continuation sheet or blank sheet can be used as a follow-up sheet for treaty change. 6.1. Prior to the start of the processing, the subcontractor documents the implementation of the necessary technical and organizational measures that were taken prior to the award of the contract, including detailed contract execution, and submits these documented measures to the processing manager for review. With the adoption by the manager, the documented measures become the basis of the contract. To the extent that the treatment manager`s review/review reveals the need for changes, these changes are implemented by mutual agreement.

(a) orders for supplies or services that do not otherwise change the terms of a contract or agreement (for example. B contracts for supplies under indeterminate supply contracts); or 9.1. Subcontracting within the meaning of this agreement must be considered as a service directly related to the provision of the main service. This provision does not apply to complementary services such as telecommunications services, postal/transportation services, maintenance and user assistance services, the elimination of computer media, or other measures to ensure the confidentiality, availability, integrity and resilience of computer hardware and software. However, the subcontractor is required to enter into appropriate and legally binding contractual agreements and to take appropriate control measures to ensure the data protection and data security of the person in charge of the processing, including in the case of subcontracting.