Aco Preferred Provider Agreement

(5) The agreement shall describe how the possibility of obtaining common savings or other financial arrangements that the COA Participants intend to meet the Quality Assurance and Improvement Program and the evidence-based drug guidelines established by the COA. (c) the submission of agreements. The CCO must submit an ACO Participation Agreement entered into for each CCO Participant at the time of its first application, the Participation Agreement renewal process and upon registration on its LIST of CCO Participants, in accordance with section 425.118. Agreements may be submitted in the form and manner provided for in Article 425.204(c)(6) or as specified by CMS. 4. The agreement shall specify the rights and obligations of the COA Participant within and representation of the COA: including, but not limited to, the quality reporting requirements set out in Subsection F of this Part, the beneficiary notification requirements set out in paragraph 425.312, and the impact of participation in the Shared Management Programme on the ability of the ACO Participant and its ACO suppliers/suppliers to participate in other Medicare demonstration projects or programmes involving common economies. (a) ACO participation agreements. For the 2017 and subsequent performance years, the ACO must have an ACO Participation Agreement with each ACO Participant that meets the following criteria: (iii) termination of the ACO Participation Agreement. 2. The contract must be signed by the supplier/supplier of the ACO and by a person authorized to bind the ACO.